Abbott Bingo Products Bingo Hall Ideas Summer 2016

BASEBALL THEMED BINGO NIGHTS Encourage players to wear their favorite teams’ apparel. Have volunteers dress up as umpires and sell baseball themed Popp-Opens pull tabs. Sell baseball park inspired foods at your concession stand such as peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs and perhaps apple pie. Do not hesitate to ask your local sporting goods store for a gift donation to use as a prize. In return for the gift donation, the store receives great advertising to hall players! July is the All-Star Game. Create a baseball promotion around the All-Star Game. HONOR OUR EVERYDAY HEROES POLICE, FIRE AND MEDICAL – IN UNIFORM! Many communities host BINGO events to raise money for necessary equipment. Continue to host an evening of BINGO honoring those who defend our freedoms, protect and help us. Encourage military, veterans and volunteer fire personnel to wear their uniforms and play BINGO by offering a discount on packages. Player excitement will be created within the hall seeing heroes in uniform, and may increase sales of paper, pull tab and concessions as this will create a players’ connection to the charitable cause. ICE CREAM SOCIAL THEMED EVENT NIGHT Have a special event featuring summer themed Popp-Opens tickets: I Need a Vacation, Life’s a Beach, Sunset Dreams. Serve ice cream treats at the hall’s concession stand. Bingo books sold for the event could include a voucher for an ice cream treat and summer themed bingo event tickets: Smokin’ Hot, Buring Balls, Chillin’, Lemon Balls or Getaway Cash. The price of the event tickets and voucher could be factored into the price of the bingo books to help cover the cost. RAFFLE OFF SUMMER THEMED ITEMS WITH HALL VOUCHERS Raffle off merchandise such as a picnic basket filled with bingo ink products, beach towels, grill tools, beach balls and attach vouchers for hall food and discounts on the player’s next visit.