Beach Blanket Bingo – Summertime ideas

IDEAS: • Beach Blanket Bingo Night: Decorate the hall in a beach theme.
Beach themed basket for the winner of a coverall or “blanket” bingo.
Have a best beach costume contest. Winner will be voted by hall attendees by loudest applause.
Encourage players to wear Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, etc…
Anyone in a summer costume offer a percentage off the buyin package at the door.
Sell summer themed tickets during the bingo game.
• Host a “BBQ Bingo”, or “Bingo Ice Cream Social.”
• Host a Summer 50’s/60’s theme night. Encourage players with vintage cars, or bikes to show them off during the bingo night. Include great music, food and dance breaks! Encourage players to dress in a style from the time period.
• Patriotic/Salute the Troops Bingo Night: Decorate the hall in red, white and blue.
Play a special game of bingo on Arrow’s USA or Red, White and Blue bingo paper.
Encourage veterens, active/inactive Military service individuals to wear their uniforms.
Sell patriotic Popp-Opens® pull tabs: • Air Force • Navy • U.S.M.C. • Army
Play bingo using Arrow’s patriotic bingo ink markers such as American Monuments, Patriotic Eagle or Statue of Liberty.
• Host a Summertime Cosmic Bingo night. Play on Arrow’s Cosmic bingo paper, and use Arrow’s Cosmic bingo ink markers. Create excitement by passing out glow in the dark items, and turning up the music for a “Dance Break!”
• Host a “Baseball Bingo” and encourage players to wear their favorite team jersey. Decorate the hall in a baseball theme and serve stadium foods: hot dogs, ice cream bars, cotton candy, peanuts, etc…