Summer Bingo Ideas

great Summer idea from our friends in
Canada. A Club was short on BINGO space and wanted to add a twist to their
game. The Club decided to go outside
creating a ‘drive-in’ BINGO in the parking lot of the local mall. Renting a small space at the mall the Club set up
space to sell BINGO paper, ink markers and lap boards for people to play BINGO
in their cars. The Club broadcasted the game using an FM transmitter (like at a
drive-in movie theatre). The club had runners to assist players, and a winner
would honk their horn if they got BINGO! Don’t hesitate to ask your local
businesses for gifts you can use for prizes! It’s great advertising for your
local business owners!

Host a July 4th BINGO social. Decorate your venue in red, white and blue. Use
Arrow’s patriotic ink markers and Popp-Opens. Check out Arrow’s great patriotic
ink markers and Check out
great Popp-Opens tickets. Stay tuned…for
more great bingo hall ideas from Abbott Bingo Products.

PRIZE BASKETS What’s Summer without beach or pool gear! Create Summer merchandise
prizes using coolers, beach totes, or portable grills and fill with beach, pool
or BBQ items that include beach towels, pool noodles, goggles, bathing caps,
beverage holders, picnic supplies, inflatables, BBQ supplies, charcoal, LED
string lights, etc. For added fun purchase BINGO game sets to add to the prize
baskets to play a few rounds of pool or beach side BINGO! The BINGO game sets
help promote the game of BINGO and encourage new players to come to your venue.
Check out your local dollar store for merchandise to create your Summer theme

HAWAIIAN THEME BINGO Create a Hawaiian theme BINGO night.
Encourage player’s to dress in their Hawaiian best! Between BINGO games play
some fun Luau games and offer Luau party theme baskets as prizes. Some games
include: PASS THE COCONUT Like the popular game of “hot potato,” but using a
coconut. Have player’s line-up. Play Hawaiian music while participants pass a
coconut around. Stop the music and whoever is holding the coconut is “out.”
Continue until there is one person left.

1 HULA HOOP ʻTIL YOU DROP Line everyone up and see who can
go the longest or do the most hoops in a timed contest. For an even more
challenging competition, double or triple up hula-hoops on the final two

HOST A JULY 4TH BINGO Host a July 4th BINGO social. Decorate
your venue in red, white and blue. Use patriotic ink markers and Popp-Opens.