Master the bingo lingo


  • Faces: The number of cards per bingo sheet.
  • Warm-Ups: Games played before the regular session begins.
  • Early Birds: The first series of games played in a bingo session.
  • Bonanza: The last game played in a regular bingo session; it has a cumulative Jackpot amount.
  • U-Pic-Em: Players choose their own numbers on blank cards and the winner verifies against those drawn.
  • Good Neighbor: The individual sitting to the left and to the right of the game winner. In cases such as the door prize, the Good Neighbors win in addition to the door prize winner.
  • Quickies: There are four Quickies per session, which are not included in the admission package. Quickies are for which a player receives one card. Quickie games are called (numbers only) as fast as the bingo balls appear.

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