What kind of equipment do I need to play bingo?

You need something to contain our bingo balls: namely the bingo cage. You use a bingo cage in drawing the bingo balls randomly. Some say this is the most costly bingo supply you need to buy. The price ranges for bingo cages are at $60 to $200. Well, if you have a  bigger budget, for bingo equipment, you may want a bingo ball blower with a starting cost of around $700.00 and up. www.abbottbingo.com has all the latest bingo equipment for your game.

During the bingo game, you will need to keep note of the bingo balls that have been called. And it would also be useful for bingo players to review the numbers called to check on their bingo cards. That is why you will need a bingo masterboard: here previously called numbers are written. A bingo masterboard could simply be a blackboard or a whiteboard where you can write the pattern for the win and the numbers that have been called. Usually masterboards come when you buy bingo ball blowers or bingo cages. In big bingo games, a masterboard could refer to the expensive flashboard. Now, you can also buy random number generators or bingo equipment that uses a TV to display the numbers, balls called and game pattern. Go to www.abbottbingo.com/product-category/consoles-flashboards/ to see the best we have to offer.