Managing your bingo hall

Nights at the bingo hall are exciting affairs. The players are poised over their cards full of anticipation – will they be the big winner tonight? All eyes turn to the flashboard and await the caller’s next call. But wouldn’t it be better if you were using a ball camera connected to an HDTV to display the next ball to be called?

Having a ball camera viewable on monitors throughout your hall will increase the speed at which games are played because those players who are a little slower than others will have a bit of additional time to find and dab the numbers on their cards. This could lead to more games played per session and therefore adding to your profits.

Bingo Accessories

The most commonly sold bingo accessory in halls is bingo ink. The larger the selection is, the greater potential you have to sell. Make sure your bingo ink display is well stocked, openly displayed and easily accessible. Placing your display by the area of purchase is the ideal location.

Additionally, take advantage  with your hall’s name and contact information to advertise your venue. Consider giving away a bottle to each player, or packaging custom ink bottles with bingo paper and event tickets; just a few ideas to make sure your players are ready for the night’s activities

When it comes to game play and accessories, it’s important to remember that it comes down to making your games as easily as possible to play and offering your players enough options to be fully prepared to enjoy bingo night. Order all your bingo supplies at the the #1 Supplier of Bingo Supplies!