The elephant is a symbol of strength, power, stability and wisdom.

Elephant statues are popular worldwide. It is common superstition that an elephant carving or picture should always face the door if you want to bring good luck into the house.

It also protects the home when facing the entrance making sure only good fortune passes through.

A few believe it is better if the trunk is down because this means the elephant lets  good fortune flow freely and naturally on everyone’s path. Should it be hanging facing up or down?

There are different opinions as to if the elephant trunk should be up or down. Some say if the trunk is up the elephant will shower good fortune on all who walk past it.

The most common belief is that the trunk has to be up for good luck. Some even claim that if the trunk is down it is very unlucky for the owner.

Now elephant charms are increasingly popular. They are worn by millions worldwide as a general good luck symbol.

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