Electric Raffle Event Ticket 180ct


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Feel the electricity in the air! Lightning quick! The hottest raffle ticket to come along. Event tickets are games you can play along side your regular bingo games for extra fun. Dab all the numbers on their ticket during the designated bingo game. Either way adds excitement and profits will soar. 180 Tickets with 6 colors available..  Each game takes 1-2 minutes to play. If more than 1 winner split the prize. If bingo game is won first speed up the game until raffle wins! No Instant winners! All Hold tickets.

Gross Profit with $100 prize is $80.00 per game.

Gross Profit with $75.00 Winner is $105.00 per game. 

Payable in Cash, Tickets or Merchandise

Important Notice:
Due to rapidly changing laws and regulations, Abbott Bingo Products cannot be responsible for the legality of the use of this product by any particular user. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine for themselves which products are legally permitted in any given locality. Not for Sale in State of CT


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