NEW – Flashboard LED Replacement Light Bulbs

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Tired of changing flashboard light bulb? New LED bright white flashboard replacement bulbs last 50,000 hours without having to replace. Saves energy, uses less electricity and are much brighter than standard 1820 bulbs. LED bulbs use .56 watts of electricity Incadesant bulbs use 2.8 watts of electricity. Saves money in the long run.

24 Volts

Number of bulbs used in a “Game Indicator” Flashboard – 122

Number of bulbs used in a “Numbers Only” Flashboard – 80

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Weight 0.10000000008819 lbs

1 review for NEW – Flashboard LED Replacement Light Bulbs

  1. R. Siegel

    Purchased 20 bulbs. Went in easy, worked as advertised. May I never have to worry about changing them again.

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