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Use these bingo books for sale when you have more than 1 game to play!

Each order of collated paper has a varying amount of books per order.

All “books” have bordered colored sheets that include: 1st page Blue, 2nd page Orange, and 3rd page Green.

Adding pages adds each of these additional bordered colors to your book:
4-Page Books – 125 books with 4th page being Yellow$17.00
5-Page Books – 125 books with 5th page being Pink $20.50
6-Page Books – 125 books with 6th page being Grey $23.75
7-Page Books – 125 books with 7th page being Olive $26.75
8-Page Books – 125 books with 8th page being Brown $30.50
9-Page Books – 100 books with 9th page being Red $26.50
10-Page Books – 100 books with 10th page being Purple $29.00
11-Page Books – 100 books with 11th page being Black $32.00
12-Page Books – 50 books with 12th page being Aqua $17.25
15-Page Books – 50 books with the 13th page being Lime, 14th page being Tan, 15th page being White $25.50
20-Page Books – 50 books with the 13th page being Blue Stripe, 14th page being Orange Stripe, 15th page being Green Stripe, 16th page being Yellow Stripe, 17th page being Pink Stripe, 18th page being Grey Stripe, 19th page being Olive Stripe, and the 20th page being Brown Stripe $34.00

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6 reviews for 6on Bingo Books

  1. jim

    as expected, but as with all bingo products are not inexpensive

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The pages tear away easily and the dauber’s ink does not bleed through and the ink dries quickly as well. I have been purchasing these 6 on 6 books for over 7 years and my seniors love to play bingo on these booklets.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Abbott has always provided the products we are looking for and at a great price. These bingo sheets were just what we wanted.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is excellent quality paper and the dauber ink never runs or bleeds through the paper. I have purchased these booklets for over 5 years. Abbott has the best prices for all your bingo supplies on the internet!

  5. Nanette (verified owner)

    This is the first time I am trying these and even though we haven’t started our bingo sessions yet, they look like they will do fine.

  6. Sherry (verified owner)

    We have had to purchase paper bingo cards in the past but these are better and actually a little cheaper than our previous vendor. They are just as described and will serve us well.

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