Bingo Game Ideas to Try at your Next Bingo Event: Jackpot Joker

Sometimes playing the same rotation of games can become boring for you and your players. Keeping your game ideas fresh can be beneficial, in that it gives your players the opportunity to learn and try different bingo games. This could, in turn, attract new players or encourage current players to keep returning to your events. You might find your next big bingo hit! Check out this bingo game you may not have tried yet:

Jackpot Joker

How to play: Pick any one game in the session to designate the “Jackpot Joker” game. Game is played as usual, with the winner choosing a card from a deck. It helps to have a deck of cards with large faces so everyone can clearly see the card as the player draws it. If the Joker is drawn, the jackpot is won! If another card is chosen, a few things happen:

  • The player gets another, smaller consolation prize
  • The card chosen is removed from the deck, and hung on the wall, or discarded in some other way
  • The next game begins, with the same deck (minus the card drawn) and the jackpot is then a little easier to win every time

Jackpot Joker is fun and easy, only requiring a deck of cards. Suspense and excitement build for players every time a card is drawn and game-play resumes, and it entices players to keep returning to your bingo hall to try to win the Jackpot. It also offers a lot of room to customize the game to work for your player base: offer smaller or larger consolation prizes, finish an entire deck in a single night of game-play, display graphics on your bingo equipment to advertise the game or spring it on your players as a surprise game. Good luck! Checkout all the different bingo products that will help make your game fun and exciting at