Civid-19 Spring Bulletin

Our charities still need you and we all need our charities to succeed. But first and foremost, we must all
be vigilant during these challenging times.
You may have to suspend get-togethers for the time being, until health officials advise otherwise. Now
is the time to plan for the future and the return to safe public get-togethers.
What to do in this interim period? First and foremost: stay safe and take the necessary precautions
following your local/state/provincial/national government-furnished guidelines. Yes, these are difficult
and challenging times but we can each do our part to ensure we see relief sooner rather than later and
that the common good is served!
Stay in touch with your players and keep them informed via social media or your website, of what you
are doing so that once it is safe to resume activities involving groups being together, you will be ready
with some exciting bingo events. Be Safe in these uncertain times from all of us at

We will be back playing America’s favorite game soon…