KICK OFF 2020 with ideas from!

Why not ‘kick-off’ your bingo for the New Year with a 3 on vertical ‘special’
for which each vertical square = the spelling of “N – E – W”. You can award a
prize for the first person to dab one of the letters; you can also create a game
where players hold out for a triple winner – and provide that individual w/
yet another prize. Remember: providing a free ‘buy-in’ package @ the next
bingo is a great way to keep your customers engaged! They might even
think to bring in a friend!

Don’t forget that it is fun to get your bingo crowd ‘moving’ so don’t hesitate to
introduce some fun games between bingo sessions. You can always take the first 3
winners of your first bingo games and let them participate in a bean bag toss, the
winner of which is awarded a free buy-in package @ the next bingo!