Holiday Bingo Game

Create a 9S3 bingo special in green. Once the winning bingo has been awarded
and the game concluded, ask all participants to hold onto their bingo sheets as
we are going to play an additional game. Once you have everyone’s attention,
explain that everyone has 60 seconds to complete the following: take your green
9S3 bingo sheet, put it behind your back and begin to tear it into the shape of
a holiday/Christmas tree. Once your time has ended, have everyone show their
sheets and by applause or ‘inspection’, select the best ‘ripped’ tree and award that
person a free entry to a January bingo game! We can already hear your players
‘roaring’ at the array of ripped trees! You can also award a prize for the most
‘creative’ tree; the most ‘classic ‘ tree. Undoubtedly, none of the ripped trees will
look anything like a proper tree!

Announce ahead of time that you are having a special holiday/Christmas bingo
and that all players and guests should come dressed in their full holiday getup. Let
them know that ‘more is better than less’! It puts everyone on the spot to see how
‘prepared’ they are to party. Then, midway through your bingo events, allow each
table to assess the ‘get-ups’: give a point for each holiday-themed item (Christmas
sweater, red/green socks, Christmas hairband, etc) each individual has. Tally the
results and award the winner a free admission to a January bingo session.

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