Autumn Bingo Ideas

HOST A HALLOWEEN BINGO NIGHT Encourage players to wear their best costumes and give away free admission to the best dressed. Also, have players bring in bags of candy to be donated to the local food banks to give away to needy kids. In exchange for their donation- they would get a free Halloween ink dauber. Have spooky foods at the concession. PUMPKIN THEMED EVENING Ask attendees to bring a carved pumpkin – which earns them a free add-on ‘bonus’ game(s). Display the pumpkins and at the conclusion of the evening, by round of applause, the ‘best’ carved pumpkin ‘owner’ is awarded a complimentary return visit – for both he/she and a newcomer…i.e., they must bring someone new to the game – and that new person is also comped out for that session. The canteen could also serve coffee – along w/pumpkin pie and apple pie. The carved pumpkins are then taken to a local school/senior citizens’ center (however appropriate) – for enjoyment by ‘others’ in the community. HAVE A FALL “GIVING BACK” Have a bingo session where the emphasis is on giving back to the community. Invite your regular guests to bring along a friend who volunteers in the community. The volunteer ‘friend’ plays for free. All attendees, upon admission, are asked to indicate, at the time of purchase, what community volunteer activity they are involved in – and to enter their name and phone number – and nature of the activity – into a drawing, for the end of the evening. They are also given a special additional game sheet – free. Hold a special coverall game at the end of the evening for those ‘volunteers’ in the drawing. Once you have a bingo, the winner wins a “Giving Back” themed gift basket – with donations from local merchants; then, there is a drawing – from the pool of ‘volunteer’ entries and the drawing winner is announced; asked to explain his/her/the organization at which they volunteer – and they are given a complimentary ‘admission’ package for next week’s bingo. CELEBRATE AUTUMN EVENTS Celebrate these Autumn events in your bingo hall: World Series, Election Day, Veterans’ Day, and the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. See for seasonal products! Don’t hesitate to ask your local businesses for gifts you can use for prizes! That is great advertising for your local business owners!