A BONANZA OF FUN THROUGHOUT YOUR ENTIRE SESSION – Your players will love this unique,
concealed bingo card game that is played throughout your entire bingo session. Prior to the start of the
session, call 45-48 numbers and post them on the Bonanza fl ashboard. (If a Bonanza fl ashboard is not
used, provide players with a sheet to mark the numbers or add a “mini fl ashboard” on the back of your
bingo program). Make sure to include a single Bonanza card with each admission package purchased.
Sell additional Bonanza cards throughout the bingo session for $1.00 per card, just like you sell Pull Tabs.
These cards can be marked during breaks or during intermissions. If a player does not think that the card has a chance to
win after marking the pre-called numbers, allow them to trade in the card for an additional $1.00 and provide the player
with 2 new cards. Stop sales and trade-ins of Bonanza cards prior to the start of the game and then re-post the
pre-called numbers and continue calling numbers until there is a winner. We have many new ideas at www.abbottbingosupplies.com