Smoke Break Ideas from

The top 12 things your hall can do to maintain and grow your customer base as a no smoking law goes into effect.

1) COMMUNICATION TO YOUR CURRENT CUSTOMERS – Explain that there will be some minor

changes in your operations and that it is an exciting time to make the game even bigger and better.

2) SPRUCE IT UP – Rename the old “smokers room”. Wash walls, tables, chairs, fl oors, fl ashboards and

anything in the room. Replace ceiling tiles and artwork on the walls.

3) TAKE A LOOK AROUND – Designate an area outside with ashtrays that can be used as the outside smoking patio.

4) TAKE A BREAK . . . OR TWO – Adjust your breaks now from one 15 minute intermission to two 10 minute intermissions.

This will allow your smokers to take that break they want without feeling as if they are missing the game.

5) BE SWEET – Consider adding small bowls of candy on the tables to help the transition for smokers.

6) BUNDLE UP – Pre-bundle your instant tickets into “smoker’s packs” to sell as smoker’s leave the

room during breaks. Sell the tickets on each side of the doorways as people enter and exit.

7) MAKE IT AN EVENT – Hold Bingo Event games during breaks to keep the game moving. This will keep things exciting

and not punish the non-smokers during the extra breaks.

8) STACK IT UP – Structure your prize winnings around breaks to incentivize your players to come

back after intermissions.

9) BRING ‘EM BACK – Consider using stamp cards to encourage repeat customers – play bingo 5 of 8

times or whatever is best for your game and win some designated prize. Also a great advertising tool in

local or bingo newspapers.


with each admission package purchased. Sell additional Bonanza cards throughout the bingo session

for $1.00 per card, just like you sell Pull Tabs.

These cards can be marked during breaks or during intermissions. If a player does not think that

the card has a chance to win after marking the pre-called numbers, allow them to trade in the card

for $1.00 and provide the player with 2 new cards. Stop sales and trade-ins of Bonanza cards prior to

the start of the game and then re-post the pre-called numbers and continue calling numbers until

there is a winner.

11) THE ELVIS® COMEBACK SPECIAL – Consider holding

an event night or offering incentives to entice new

players back into your hall. Event nights such as an ELVIS

night offer a wide variety of products to support the

night and theme.

12) SEAL UP YOUR PROFITS – Play seal card games

with a lot of sign up or holder tickets. These types of

seal games will offer your smokers a chance to win even though they have gone out for a break.

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