Popp-Open Pull Tabs Explained

Popp-Opens pull tabs are some of the most popular fundraising gaming solutions for charity game operators. These fun and colorful tickets go by many different names: break opens, pickle cards, cherry bells, Nevada tickets, bowl games, and instant bingo. Why all the names? Are manufacturers trying to confuse the players? It’s simply because they feature many different themes and game styles to suit a variety of organizations.

What is the Object of Popp-Open Pull Tab Games?

Once a player purchases their ticket, the fun begins! Simply pull open the perforated windows on the back of the ticket to reveal a series of symbols printed inside. Check to see if the symbols match up with the winning combination of symbols printed on the front side of the ticket. Much like a scratch off or lottery ticket, a winning pull tab ticket is exchanged for a cash prize.

Why Do People Enjoy Pull Tabs?

Purchasers of Popp-Opens pull tabs love them because they’re exciting, fun, and incredibly easy to play. There are no rules to learn and nothing required to play except the ticket itself. Pulling open the window on an instant win pull tab reveals whether or not the player has won right away, so there’s no waiting to find out. Players also prefer playing pull tab games because the payout is so high, especially when compared to games like lotteries. The average payout of a pull tab game is a whopping 75 percent!

Charities and various organizations love Popp-Opens pull tab games because they generate lots of excitement among players and are easy to sell. They can be sold at events such as auctions or bingo games, or a charity can partner with a local business to sell the tickets to customers in order assist their fundraising efforts.

How Much Money Can My Organization Raise With Popp-Opens Pull Tab Games?

One of the reasons organizations prefer pull tab games to other methods of fundraising is because there’s a predictable level of income for the seller. Raising funds through selling Popp-Opens means definite profits (unlike providing access to games such as slot machines). For an investment of pennies per ticket, sellers can generate a large amount of revenue — anywhere from $200 to $1,000 for a single pull tab game! That’s an incredible return for a very small amount of effort.

When it comes to charity games like pull tabs, the numbers don’t lie. A recent report run by the National Association of Fundraising Ticket Manufacturers (NAFTM) shows that each year, charity game operators across North America generate almost $1.4 billion. These funds go to support all sorts of organizations, from large groups such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the American Red Cross to smaller, local groups such as little league baseball teams and veterans organizations.

Huge Variety To Attract Players

Another reason organizations opt for Popp-Opens pull tabs over other types of games is that this gaming solution offers huge variety so that each game can be tailored to your particular charity, venue, or event. Selling instant win pull tabs is a quick and easy way to raise funds and provide buyers with a fantastic incentive to buy. Seal card and cashboardpull tabs work similarly to instant win games, but give players additional chances to win even bigger prizes. Coinboard games feature gold or silver coins embedded in the flare card included with each game, so players have the chance to win coins if their pull tab ticket has the color-coded number that corresponds to the winning number on the coins.