What kind of ink is in bingo daubers?

What kind of ink is in bingo daubers?

By: abbottbingo.com

November 11, 2018

Just as there are many types of bingo daubers, there are many types of ink to be found inside them.

Standard bingo ink is the most cost-effective type and commonly used by bingo halls and by players who don’t want to make too loud a statement. Even though the colours are not as vibrant as those found in fluorescent daubers, they are not necessarily subdued – with bright options including magenta, aqua, purple, pink, and orange. If you want to refill your daubers yourself, this is the type of ink you’ll use.

Fluorescent ink is the favourite of players who want to leave a more vibrant mark on bingo society. With colours such as coral, lilac, lime green, and teal, fluorescent daubers are perfect for the young or the young at heart.

A more recent evolution for those who truly want to sparkle is the glitter-filled ink found in some novelty bingo daubers.

With safety as an especially important consideration for players with young children and pets, it’s good to know that most dauber ink these days is non-toxic. But to be sure, you should always check the dauber or ink packaging itself or the manufacturer’s website. Visit www.abbottbingo.com for the largest selection of bingo dauber, markers, dabbers.