Warm Up This Winter Bingo With a Little L-O-V-E and www.abbottbingo.com

Your bingo hall might be a bit quieter this winter season: the weather, the roads, and the post-holiday burn-out might be keeping your players at home until spring. Now is a great time to plan a fun winter event to bring your players out of their slump and back into the bingo fever! This month, try warming up with a Valentine’s Day event that includes the holiday-appropriate activity “All You Need is L-O-V-E.”

How to Play

In order to play this game, your players should be using 4 game boards on one sheet. In order to win the game, the top left board must have a winning “Letter L” game pattern; the top right must have a “Large Frame” pattern (the letter O); the bottom left a “Letter V”; and the bottom right a “Letter E.” Each pattern has a relatively similar probability, and should take roughly the same about of calls to find a bingo, so the game can either be played simultaneously as one large game, or individually, one after the other. That being said, the prizes for this game can be one large prize for a sole bingo, or multiple, smaller prizes for the individual letter games: it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your bingo hall!

Other Ideas

The month of February is also American Heart Month! Consider donating a portion of your proceeds to the American Heart Association, or collect donations from players the day of your event. Advertising this as a feature of your event and inviting those invested in this cause is also a great way to reach a new potential audience.

Another idea is to advertise this event as a “Galentine’s Day” event, or a Ladies’ Night. Offer discounts to players. Encourage players to bring a friend to the event, to celebrate their “Galentine.” You could even consider offering a free ink dauber or other gift to the first 20 “Gals” to arrive.

We hope these event ideas are a hit at your next winter event: remember to post your Winter Warm-Up on social media and let us know how it goes! Good luck and remember to get all your bingo supplies at www.abbottbingo.com