How to host a Bingo Fundraiser

Hosting a bingo night fundraiser is a really fun and easy way to raise money for your team, cause, or school.  Host your fundraiser in the school gym or community center, and make sure to publicize your event. Bingo fundraisers are an amazing opportunity to involve the entire community because anyone of any age can participate. 

What you’ll need for your fundraiser

You’ll need a few crucial supplies in order to run your bingo night fundraiser. You’ll need bingo books or sheets, which you can print out yourself from free templates like this one. You’ll need, dry erase boards, daubers, and a bingo cage and balls. Contact your local bingo game or distributor to see if they have one available that you can borrow or rent. You can often find one for free or for a very small fee. Make sure you set up your bingo tables before the actual event, things can get messy otherwise. 

How your fundraiser raises money

A bingo night fundraiser raises money a few ways. You can charge an entry fee in order to raise money for your fundraiser, or you can charge per game. It’s much simpler to charge a single entry fee, and you can also provide food and beverages for a fee in order to raise even more money. 

Prizes for your fundraiser

Approach members of your community and see if they would be willing to donate prizes for your bingo night fundraiser. You can also purchase gift cards and have those available as prizes. Bingo night fundraisers actually don’t require prizing, and often supporters will participate just for fun, but prizes for bingo nights are a great motivator. 

Bonus cash back for your fundraiser

If you choose to purchase gift cards for your bingo night prizes, you could earn up to 15% cash back for your team, cause, or school. 

For more information contact on purchasing bingo supplies or to get more information.