10 Little Fun Facts About Bingo

Fun Facts About Bingo

  1. Educational Bingo Tool

       Bingo tickets were used by the Germans in 1800. They used the game as an educational tool, which was designed to assist students with multiplication tables.

  1. Bingo Arrangements In A Bingo Card

       For the American style 75-ball bingo, there are about 552-million-billion-billion possible number combinations for a single bingo ticket?

  1. The Joy Of Bingo

       The top priority with new bingo players is to find enjoyment while playing the game. While winning a jackpot prize is only ranked fifth place.

  1. Bingo Boosts The Brain

      One of the best bingo facts right here. Did you know that playing bingo can keep your brain in trim? According to Southampton University, bingo players are more mentally agile than non-bingo players. It is        also suggested that social activities, such as playing bingo, is just as good for your health as doing physical exercise.

  1. Scottish Players Play More

       One in five Scots people play bingo regularly, compared to one in 20 in the South of England.

  1. Even Royalty Love Bingo

       Apparently, The Queen and Prince William are two royals, who are first in line to play bingo, when the bingo tickets are being handed out at Buckingham Place.

  1. Bingo is actually Italian

       The game can be traced back to 1530, to an Italian lottery game, and the game is played on a Saturday in Italy, to this day.

  1. The Origin Of Keno

      Bingo is the origin of the popular game called Keno.

  1. The First Charity Bingo Game

      It is recorded that the very first official fundraising bingo game was played at Wilkes-Barre in Pennsylvania.

  1. The Average Age Of Bingo Players

     People of all ages play bingo but it has the reputation of being an older person’s game. The majority of players who participate in the game are, in fact, below 35 years of age.

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