Autumn Bingo Ideas

Fun and Loud Laughter should be resonating in your bingo halls as customers return from summer vacations, ready to get back to their routines – and chances of winning!!!

FALL BUY-IN OF COLORS Create a special buy-in comprised of 3 on vertical sheets, with a number of fall colors: red border, orange border, brown border, yellow border – and call them ‘leaflets’ and tie the sale of them in to several of your games – each as a special – for which a win on the ‘special’ entitles the guest to a free buy-in at the next bingo game. PUMPKIN TIC-TAC-TOE During your regular games, announce ahead of time that the winner from game “x” and the winner from game “y” (perhaps the last 2 games of the evening) will have a ‘run-off’ game of fall ‘tic tac toe’ – for which the winner can be awarded an additional prize – perhaps something donated by a local business establishment; a gift card to a local restaurant, for example. For the fall tic tac toe, merely take orange duct tape and tape out the required pattern for tic tac toe. Using small pumpkins (5 each of two different colors (suggest milky white versus bright orange)): gather your audience around the game then let the participants begin to play tic tac toe using the pumpkins as markers! What a great fun evening, bound to be full of loud laughter! If it’s a draw, then so be it: it was fun, nonetheless and your venue did something different and engaging! FALL IS SWEATER WEATHER With the cooler weather, invite your guests to wear their ‘best’ fall sweater – then at the end of the bingo session, have a vote on the best and worst ‘fall’ sweater. The winner of each receives a free buy-in for your next bingo game. “Kinda corny?” Well, it is fall, after all!!!! Have fun! Don’t hesitate to ask your local businesses for gifts you can use for prizes! It’s great advertising for your local business owners! Remember, you can get great bingo novelties from to give away and keep your players coming back!